How does it work?
Follow a few steps and buy cryptocurrency with a debit card on a reliable and secure platform.
1. Add your wallet
Download CEX.IO Wallet or enter your wallet address to receive crypto after purchase.
2. Go through the verification
Confirm your email and verify your identity to create a purchasing account.
3. Get your crypto
Choose a payment card as a payment option and confirm the transaction.

How to buy Bitcoin with a debit card?

Sign in, specify your amount, enter transaction credentials. It’s that simple.
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Why buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is widely recognised as a highly accessible form of money, giving anyone access to a whole new monetary system. You only need to have an internet connection to transfer value within the network.

Bitcoin is used not only for payments but for investments as well. Bitcoin has become quite popular as a store of value and hedge against inflation because of its deflationary nature. Bitcoin is also a volatile asset that makes it attractive for traders.


Answers to popular questions about CEXDirect features, Bitcoin, and its network that are provided by our team.

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